Located at the base of the Sierra Madre Mountains, Lake El Salto is home to the some of the world’s greatest Largemouth Bass.  The hallmark of this fishery is the top-water opportunities for the fly angler.  Amidst all of this incredible fishing, Anglers Inn is your retreat during the off-the-water hours.  The service is best-in-class and food is a pure delight.  Enjoy and Fish On!!!
Anglers Inn - Lake El Salto
Photo Gallery
Bird’s eye view of 
Lake El Salto
Dawn upon Lake El Salto
Bass’n at Dawn
Top-water blow up!
Subsurface bass...
All catch-n-release at Lake El Salto
Top-Water Fly and Rod
Bass’n along the rip-rap
Jim going BIG on bass...
Padre with a big bass...
El Salto lunker on the fly
Deer-hair bug and bass
Massive bass on a popper
El Salto Special (shad)
Double digit bass on the fly
Mr. Big and bass...
A nice spot for midday relaxation or siesta!
Guests eat VERY well at Anglers Inn!
Floral bloom at Anglers Inn
Spacious rooms at Anglers Inn
The veranda overlooks the lake
Baby Iguana
Working the fly...
Shad = Bass food!
Evening scene at El Salto
Capt. KD work’n the Bass
Topwater Trophy for Padre
A baby Tilapia’s worst nightmare...
Bass released...
Meet Mr. Big
O’dark thirty fishing crew
Midday siesta...
Trophy smile...
Giant Bass
Top-Water Producer “Pike Fly”
Top-water Bass SMILE!
Big Bass!
Yes, VERY Largemouth
Sierra Madre Mountains
El Salto Lunker!
Pedro and top-water Bass
Work’n topwater at dawn
Beautiful Lake El Salto
First-light trophy bass...
Beautiful Lake El Salto
Bass admiration...
Fishing the magic hour... dusk
The evening retreat after a day of Bass’n on the fly
True Mexican fajitas!
Telling fish tales over dinner
Anglers Inn shuttle
Lake El Salto Trophy!
El Salto Map
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