Travel Resources
IMPORTANT!  Medical Evacuation Coverage
Medical Response While Traveling and Fishing Abroad
When a medical emergency occurs, nothing is more important than receiving medical response... no matter where you are in the world.  Angling On The Fly highly recommends that our customers elect
Passport Information
Need a passport?  Is your current passport valid?
(CLICK HERE for U.S. passport information)
If you are traveling abroad for your fishing adventures, you will need a current passport for entry into and departure from foreign countries.  More
RECOMMENDED!  Trip Cancelation Insurance
Protect your investment, time, health and safety...
(CLICK HERE for Travelex Insurance plans and enrollment)
At Angling On The Fly, we strongly recommend that our clients purchase trip insurance.  There are varying levels of insurance protection, so
CDC Traveler Health Info
Travelers’ health bulletins and vaccinations
(CLICK HERE to visit the CDC website)
In preparation for travel to a foreign country, it is important to visit the CDC website for general health bulletins for the destination that you will be
Moon Phase Calendar
A good tool for selecting the timing of your fishing week
(CLICK HERE to view the projected moon phases)
This is an easy-to-use online moon phase calendar.  Select your desired month and year, and the calendar will show the moon phases for that month.
Weather History and Forecast
Historic global weather patterns
(CLICK HERE for a destination’s historic weather data)
“Wunderground” is a useful website for researching a destination’s past weather conditions and averages.  Also, it has one of the more reliable
Foreign Currency Converter
Useful tool for calculating foreign currency...
(CLICK HERE for currency conversion tool)
This handy website converts foreign currencies based on the current exchange rate.
World Time Zone Tracker
What time is it anywhere in the world?
(CLICK HERE for the current time in any time zone)
This website enables you to observe the current time at any time zone around the globe.
Hurricane Watch
Fishing the tropics?  Get the latest hurricane weather forecast...
(CLICK HERE for current hurricane news and projections)
This is the link to the National Weather Service’s National Hurricane Center website. It reports that latest severe weather activity in the
Below is a list of useful and important sites to help you prepare for your fishing travels.  Be prepared, travel safe, and Fish On!