Destination Summary

Location: Amazon Basin, Brazil
Season: July - March
Primary Species:  Peacock Bass
Fishery Profile: Rivers and lagoons - tributaries to the Amazon River system
Type of Fishing: Boat fishing (fly or conventional)
Camp Capacity: 8-12 anglers per camp
Accommodations: Fully staffed mobile cabin barges w/ private guest tents; private shower / bathroom facilities; all meals served at the dining tent
Travel Details: arrive Manaus, Brazil (thru Miami or other); overnight in Manaus (included); charter flight and/or express boat from Manaus to river camp (included)

Tackle Requirements:
8 - 10 wt. fly rods
Disk drag reels with tropical floating and sinktip fly lines
Leaders (level 40# - 60#)
Favorite Flies:
Bisharat’s Airhead & PoleDancer
Blanton’s Whistler
Fuch’s Peacock Deception
Thalken’s Cruiser
F/T Clouser Minnow
Master Jack Popper
Explosive Peacock Bass On The Fly...
Since 1992, River Plate Anglers pioneered and made the Brazilian Amazon famous for its world renowned Peacock Bass fishing. The hallmark of the RPA fishing program is their ability to position their mobile lodging amongst the best fisheries in the Amazon.  This strategy optimizes angler success by locating anglers in the best fishing conditions possible.  With unprecedented levels of service, accommodations, and safety, it has become our top destination for anglers dreaming of landing trophy Peacock Bass.
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River Plate Anglers
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River Plate Anglers
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 Regional Interests
Detailed Trip Information:
Fishery and Fishing Summary
The entire Amazon Basin is expansive (about the size of the continental US [lower 48 states]).  The sheer vastness of the Amazon Basin and the seasonal runoff from the Andes mountain range dictates the timing and locale of prime fishing conditions.  If you view the map (above), you will find that the southeastern region of the Amazon basin comes into shape first (around July/August - denoted by purple on the map).  This so-called “trough” of low water moves northwestward over the Amazon basin throughout the season. This creates the “low water season” in a particular region and is necessary for prime fishing conditions.  By January, the lower water season has moved to the northern region of the basin (denoted by blue on the map).  
Due to this seasonal water movement, River Plate Anglers’ mobile camps are an essential strategy for positioning anglers in the prime fishing areas and conditions of a region.  In addition, this mobile strategy includes the ability to position camps far and away from other outfitters and high-pressure commercial fishing areas.  See diagram below:

Anglers fish out of shallow drafting flat bottom jon boats.  These stable fishing platforms are 20 feet long, offering the ability for two anglers to fish simultaneously.  Each boat is equipped with 25 - 40 HP outboards and trolling motors.  The guides are local natives of the Amazon region and are expert boat handlers and guides.  Guides are well versed in both fly and conventional tackle fishing techniques.
Due to the dynamic nature of the Amazon environ, you will want to have a variety of fishing setups to cover different fishing scenarios.  Without a doubt, some of the most exciting fishing you will do is topwater fishing for Peacock Bass.  The explosive topwater grab of a trophy Peacock Bass on a popper, diver, or walker is an incredible event to say the least.  In addition, there are situations when subsurface tactics are required to stay in the action.  Intermediate tip or fast sinktip lines are needed to cover the subsurface spectrum of fly fishing for Peacock Bass.  All fly lines should be “tropical” versions to best handle the midday heat in the tropical environment.
Daily Fishing and Meal Schedule
At River Plate Anglers’ camps, the typical day starts with breakfast around 6:00AM.  Breakfast is simple and includes all-American food items such as eggs, sausage and bacon, pancakes, toast, fresh fruit, and morning beverages (coffee, juice, milk, etc.)  At this time, lunch fixings are put out for you to build yourself a custom-made lunch (sandwiches, fruit, snacks, and fruit).  You may also request a shore lunch - a lunch of fresh-caught fish and trimmings cooked for you, by your guide, right on the shore of the river!  If you choose to have shore lunch it is best requested the night before so your guide can get prepared in advance.  Shore lunch adds about 20 minutes of cooking time to your lunch break.
Your guide and boat will be ready to leave the beach at around 6:30 - 7:00 AM and will be at your service until 5:00 - 5:30 PM, when all boats are due back to camp.  This is a long day of fishing! Appetizers are served on the beach at 6:00 PM and dinner is served at 6:30 PM.  Dinners include a variety of possibilities - catch-of-the-day fish, steak, chicken, and/or shrimp.  Dinner sides such as soup-of-the-day, rice and beans are always included.  As a finale to dinner, a nice dessert such as cake, flan, or ice cream is served (yes, ice cream in the midst of the jungle!)
The Camp Accommodations
Each River Plate Anglers’ camp has a designated ground host that is the point person for taking care of your needs, requests, and/or concerns.   The entire camp facility is built on multiple river barges.  The camp can be moved to another locale in a daisy chain configuration (like train cars).  While at camp, each barge is beached and leveled.  Each guest cabin is furnished with comfortable beds, air conditioning, 24 hour AC power (110V  - USA standard plug), storage shelves, desk, and private bath and shower.  There is daily housekeeping service that cleans the entire cabin and replaces towels and bed linens.   Daily laundry service is complimentary.

Each camp has a screened-in dining tent where all meals are served.  The dining tent always has cold beverages (beer, sodas, water) and snacks available to guests.  In addition, there is house wine and liquor available.

Camp Amenities and Details
24 hour AC power (110V - USA standard plug)
Air-conditioned guest cabins
Daily housekeeping and laundry service
Shore lunches are available
Loaner conventional tackle is included (2 rod setups / angler)
Luggage Weight Limit: 45 pounds
SAT phone available ($5 per min.)
Camp Capacity: 8 - 12 anglers
Money: RPA accepts US dollars as payment for incidentals and gratuities

Gratuities for Guides and Staff
For anglers who feel that they have received good service, tipping is customary with River Plate Anglers.  At the end of the week, two envelopes will be handed to each guest - one for guide gratuity and the other for staff gratuity.  Guests should tip their guide directly at the end of the week.  Staff tips pooled and divided evenly between everyone who contributes to the guest's experience during the week, including the camp host, house-keeping staff, kitchen staff and maintenance crew.  We are often asked for a guideline on tipping, so we let anglers know that our average tip per angler for a week of fishing is $400 total divided as $200 for the guide and $200 for the camp staff.  We encourage you to tip at a level that you feel is consistent with the service that you received.  Cash only.

Travel Information and Sample Itinerary

There are several steps in traveling to Brazil and RPA’s camps.  Here are the recommended legs of the trip:

	1.	Domestic flight to MIA (Miami International Airport)
	2.	Fly from MIA to MAO (Manaus, Brazil - 5 1/2 hour flight); overnight at Cesar Park Business Hotel (hotel included in package)
	3.	Fly from Manaus to camp on charter plane and/or express boat (included in package)

Sample Trip Itinerary:

 Plan your domestic flight to arrive Miami International Airport; overnight in Miami (not included in package)

 Depart from Miami to Manaus at approximately 6:00AM (subject to change); 5 1/2 hour flight
 After you have cleared customs/immigration in Manaus, the RPA representative will transport you to overnight at the Cesar Park Business Hotel (hotel stay included in package; meals not included)

 The charter plane and/or express boat departs this day for one of the six fly-in mobile camps
 You will arrive at the floating camp in about 2 - 5 hours travel time
 If you arrive early, you may possibly have enough time to fish for a few hours before dinner

Sunday thru Friday
 Six full days of fishing
 Breakfast is served around 6:00AM; your guide/boat will be ready between 6:30AM - 7:00AM
 Fish until 5:00PM; dinner is served at about 6:30PM

 Morning departure from camp and fly back to Manaus
 Immediate transfer to Manaus International Airport to board your afternoon flight back to Miami
 NOTE: most travelers will not arrive MIA with enough time to catch domestic flights; therefore, an overnight in Miami may be required (not included in package)

Required Travel Documents 

PASSPORT:  A valid U.S. passport is required for entrance into all South American countries.  It is required that your passport does NOT expire within 6 months after your date of travel.  Your valid passport will be required to apply for your Brazilian Tourist VISA.  In addition, it will be required that at least one blank page is available for the Brazilian visa stamp upon entry into Brazil.

BRAZILIAN “TOURIST” VISA:  A Brazilian Tourist VISA is required for entry into Brazil.  If you do not have a current tourist visa, you need to apply for your VISA within the 90-day window prior to your date of travel.  Please make sure they stamp your Visa when you go through Brazil customs.

BRAZILIAN TOURIST CARD:  You will be required to fill out a “tourist card” while on the Miami to Manaus flight prior to landing in Brazil.  Be sure TO KEEP your stamped copy of this tourist card after proceeding through customs.  You will be required to produce this tourist card when exiting the country.  A departure tax of approximately $36.00 USD will be assessed at the time of departure from Manaus. 

Exclusive River Mobile Camps

Exclusive River Camp Package: packages includes 8 nights lodging / 6 days fishing with access to one of River Plate Anglers’ exclusive permitted rivers; these rivers require special permits and ensure exclusive access for RPA’s anglers to fish these rivers; access to these rivers will be based on fishing conditions.

All packages include:

All scheduled charter flights / express boat transfers between Manaus and the camp
All necessary ground transfers in Manaus
According to itinerary, one night hotel stay on arrival at Hotel Tropical (Manaus, Brazil)
Guide operated 20 foot, shallow drafting bass boat per two anglers
Fishing license (and permits if required)
All meals at fishing camp, including beer, wine, and hard liquor
Daily laundry and housekeeping service at fishing camp

River Plate Anglers Cancellation Policy

Payment Details:  A 50% deposit per person is required to secure a reservation.  Final payment is due by 90 days prior to scheduled arrival date.  

Cancellation / NO Refunds:  Cancellation notice must be made IN-WRITING and sent to Angling On The Fly.  All payments are forfeited unless a replacement can be found by the canceling client—again, it is the client’s responsibility to find a replacement.  There is no refund for any unused portion of the land package.  Receipt of deposit and/or final payment by Angling On The Fly is acknowledgement that client has read and accepts the cancellation/refund policy and terms/conditions clause.

Angling On The Fly Terms & Conditions

A 50% deposit is due within 14 days of booking to secure a reservation.  Final payment is due 90 days prior to scheduled arrival date.  Cancellations must be made in writing and sent to Angling On The Fly. Package pricing and rates are subject to change.  All prices and rates are in US Dollars.

The outfitter reserves the right to make on-site changes to the itinerary which may affect the cost due to published air schedule changes and prevailing conditions.  In order to maximize fishing potential throughout the season, and in accordance with varying water conditions and other unforeseen circumstances, the rivers and locations to be fished may be changed at the option of the outfitter. 

Angling On The Fly acts only as agents for contractors or owners and outfitters, airlines, charter air, and ground transportation carriers or other services.  Payment of funds for fishing and other Angling On The Fly trips shall be deemed acceptance and consent of the following conditions.  Angling On The Fly or any of its affiliates or associated companies shall not be held liable for any loss or damages howsoever caused or arising from services provided by hotels or lodges, outfitters, guides, means of transportation or other services.  Baggage and personal effects are the sole responsibility of the traveling client at all times.
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