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Coopers’ Minipi Camps
Little Minipi Lake
(coming soon) Anne Marie Lake
Trophy Labrador Brook Trout
At Coopers’ Minipi Camps, they have a saying, “The way it was, is how it is.”  From the moment you arrive, you feel remote... as if you had stepped back in time to an era of say,... Lee Wulff?  This wilderness area is preserved by “restricted use laws” that entitle Coopers’ Minipi to exclusive use of this region.  This guarantees anglers an exclusive and relaxed fishing experience that is all their own.  My first experience here proved to become one of the trout angling highlights of my fishing career.  From the classic experience of presenting Drake patterns to rising trophy Brookies in the lake, to explosive grabs on deer-hair lemming patterns in the rivers, the entire trip heightened my appreciation for this wonderful species.  In addition, not to be overlooked is the fun top-water fishing for aggressive Pike!  
Angling On The Fly is offering trips to two of the Coopers’ Minipi Lodges - Anne Marie Lake Lodge and Little Minipi Lake Lodge.  Please read below for more detailed information about these fine destinations.

Destination Summary

Location: Labrador, Canada
Season: mid-June thru mid-Sept.  
Primary Species: Brook Trout
Other Species: Pike, Char
Fishery Profile: Lakes, ponds, and streams/rivers
Type of Fishing: Walk-n-wade fishing in stream/river; canoe fishing in lake
Lodge Capacity: 6-8 anglers
Accommodations: Lodge w/ guest rooms + general bath; meals taken at the lodge
Travel Details: Arrive Goose Bay, Labrador; seaplane flight to lodges (included) 

Tackle Requirements:
5-7 wt. rods for Brook Trout; 8 wt. for Pike and Char
Disc drag reels with 100 yds. 20# backing
Favorite Flies:
Muddler Minnow
Grey Wulff
Green Drake - standard
Mercer’s Lemming
Near-Nuff Sculpin
Pike Fly Package Rates (2010)
(7 nights / 7 days)

Anne Marie Lake Lodge
$6,295* CAD per angler (dbl.)

Little Minipi Lake Lodge
$5,295* CAD per angler (dbl.)

*NOTE: all packages subject to Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) Detailed Information

Anne Marie Lodge - This rustic log cabin is a favorite with many of our repeat clients.  It is adorned with caribou racks and native carvings above the front entry.  In fact, it looks like an illustration right out of Jack London's "The Call of The Wild.”  In this warm and cozy cabin you will find all the comforts you need such as a wood burning stove for warmth, two full baths with showers, a cozy lounge area, and cook staff that will keep you nourished and happy.

The fishery at Anne Marie Lake is diverse.  On some days, you may fish along the shoreline for rising Brook Trout feeding on emerging caddis or drakes, and on other days you will fish the inlet or outlet of the lake with streamers and even a bulky deer-hair lemming fly.  Another nice part of the program is the option to make multiple portages to access and fish remote ponds and the streams running between them.

Little Minipi Lake Lodge - In 2007 the Coopers added Little Minipi to their selection of the fine lodges.  This comfortable cottage with accommodations for 6 anglers was owned and operated for years by Harvey Calden.  Accessible by float plane only (as are all of Coopers’ lodges) it is located “down-river” east of Minipi Lake.  It offers trophy-sized Brookies, Arctic Char and pike in two lakes – one 9 miles long and the other 3 miles long – both with enticing coves, inlets, wade-able stream, riffles, and rapids. 

Of all four Coopers’ Minipi lodges, Little Minipi offers the best river fishing program.  The river is within walking distance of the lodge, offering easy access during non-guided fishing hours.  With numerous riffles, pocket water, narrows, and runs, the river provides opportunities at trophy sized Brookies.  

Fishing Tackle and Techniques

At Coopers’ Minipi Lodges, guides utilize stable, wide-bottom canoes to fish the lakes and larger rivers.  While in pursuit of trophy Brook Trout on lakes, guides use a paddle to stealthily maneuver the canoe and put anglers in a good position to make a presentation.  Guides can usually position close to rising fish, but sometimes anglers will need to make long, accurate casts to reach contrary fish that may rise just out of normal reach.

What's more, you'll be using large flies and sometimes casting into a stiff wind.  So, we suggest that you bring a rod that's a little heavier than the one you normally use on small trout streams back home.  Most anglers bring 9 foot rods in 5 weight to 7 weight rigged with weight-forward floating lines, 9 ft. leaders, and 6 to 8 pound tippets.

If the rises are sparse or the wind is strong, the guides may suggest you strip or troll streamers.  Under these conditions the big brookies will hit your streamers, but so will aggressive northern pike up to 20 pounds and landlocked Arctic char up to 10 pounds.  In addition to “trout tackle”, we recommend that you bring an 8 weight in case you encounter these conditions.

How To Get To Coopers’ Minipi Camps

Most travelers flying from the United States will need to fly to Halifax, Nova Scotia where you will connect with either a direct flight to Goose Bay or a flight to Goose Bay with an intermediate stop in Deer Lake or St. John’s, Newfoundland.  Please note that U.S. travelers coming from the west coast or other remote locales will need to overnight in Halifax the day prior to arrival in Goose Bay.

Arrival Day
Plan to arrive Goose Bay before 5:00 pm on the day of your scheduled trip out to one of the lodges.  A Coopers’ Minipi staff member will greet you upon arrival at the airport in Goose Bay.  You will then be shuttled to the sea plane port for your flight to the lodge. 

Arrival/departure day for:
 Little Minipi Lake Lodge is WEDNESDAY
 Anne Marie Lake Lodge is FRIDAY

Seaplanes to the Lodge
Coopers’ Minipi uses the services of Tamalik Air located at the Otter Creek Seaplane base.  They fly twin engine Otter seaplane out to the lodge and back, a flight that takes 25 to 35 minutes. 

Required Travel Documents
	•	As of January 1, 2007, a current U.S. passport will be required for all United States citizens entering Canada.  It is highly recommended that U.S. citizens present a passport that is valid for at least six months after the last day of the trip.  If your passport expires before then, please renew it prior to departing on your trip.
	•	If you hold citizenship in a country other than the United States, please check with your national consulate / passport center for citizenship documents required for travel to Canada.
Gratuities for Guides and Lodge Staff
This is simply a recommendation, since many clients ask how much to tip the guides and lodge staff. Gratuities are encouraged, but the amount of the gratuity is solely up to you. The following is a recommendation:
Guide Gratuity:
$25/day per angler ($40/day if booked as single angler) 
Lodge Staff Gratuity:
$25 total per day (staff members include lodge host, cook, and housekeeper)
NOTE: Gratuities to be paid at the end of your stay.
Package Rates

(contact us for current rates)

IMPORTANT NOTE: package rates are in Canadian dollars (CAD) - payments made [deposit or final balance] are charged at the current exchange rate at the time of payment.
Price Includes: 
7 days / 7 nights lodging
Air transportation between lodge and Goose Bay
Ground transfers between charter transfer points and Goose Bay airport
Non-resident fishing license.

Price Excludes: 
Airfare from place of origin to and from Goose Bay
Telephone calls
Beverages including beer, wine, liquor, and soda pop (must be pre-ordered and paid for prior to trip)
Overweight baggage fees

Note: Please contact Angling On The Fly for current availability; customized packages are available upon request

Coopers’ Minipi Booking and Cancellation Policy

A 50% deposit is required to secure a reservation. The balance of payment is due 60 days prior to arrival. Bookings received less than 60 days before the reservation date require full payment. 

Cancellations received more than 120 days before arrival will result in a 25% penalty on the deposit, with the balance of the deposit being put toward a future booking within a 15 month period, depending on available space.  

Cancellations received between 60 and 120 days before arrival will result in a 50% penalty on the deposit, with the balance of the deposit being put toward a future booking within a 15 month period, depending on available space. 

Cancellations received less than 60 days before arrival will forfeit all paid monies - no forwarding of payments or refunds.

Angling On The Fly Terms & Conditions

A 50% deposit is due within 14 days of booking to secure reservation.  Final payment is due 60 days prior to scheduled arrival date.  

Angling On The Fly acts only as agents for contractors or owners and outfitters, airlines, charter air, and ground transportation carriers or other services.  Payment of funds for fishing and other Angling On The Fly trips shall be deemed acceptance and consent of the following conditions.  Angling On The Fly or any of its affiliates or associated companies shall not be held liable for any loss or damages howsoever caused or arising from services provided by hotels or lodges, outfitters, guides, means of transportation or other services.  Baggage and personal effects are the sole responsibility of the traveling client at all times.