Located in the remote coastal fishing village of the San Felipe, Tarpon Cay Lodge is truly a unique and special place.  The charm of this destination is truly felt from the first moment you arrive and meet the warm-hearted staff.  And, the fishing at Tarpon Cay Lodge may be well become one of the highlights of your angling career.  Enjoy and Fish On!!!
Tarpon Cay Lodge 
Photo Gallery
Charming San Felipe
“Welcome!” from the Staff at Tarpon Cay Lodge
Tarpon Tools of the Trade
Dawn at Tarpon Cay
In Search of Silver
Decisions... decisions...
Baby Beauty
Searching the Flats
Working the “groves”
Chasing “silver” at the end of a rainbow...
Hearty meals
Liquid sunshine!
Working the Mangroves
Youthful and Vibrant Tarpon
Flamingo flight
Fishing amongst Flamingos
Mangrove Baby Tarpon
Midday Siesta
Top-Water Baby T!
Beneath Lies the Silver King...
Aerobatic Tarpon
Tarpon Fun!
In the moment...
Baby Tarpon
Tarpon admiration...
By-catch Jack...
Tarpon Smile
Nice Snook!
Tarpon Cay guide at sunset...
Must-have flies (Bill Ninke ties)
The SeaDucer fools another Tarpon
Guide Cresp washing down the rods...
Tarpon going VERTICAL!!!
Baby T on the flats
Dusk... the magic hour for anglers
Guides Pedro, Cresp, and Carlos
Admiring the dawn hour...
Hooked up in deep mangrove cover
Snook release...
Getting bent at dusk...
Evening baby Tarpon
Sunset Tarpon
Hearty meals!
Teenaged Tarpon
Flip’n Out Tarpon
Local fisherman at dawn...
Morning baby T on the flats...
Boats with extensive casting decks
Tarpon HeadShot
Silver sheen...
Going long...
Eye-to-eye with Mr. Cuda
Migratory Tarpon 
June - September
Finally... Tarpon surrenders...
Tarpon grins...
Grande Tarpon!
All smiles...
Tarpon and masked angler...
Tarpon revival...
Twin Tarpon
Some giants to 80+ pounds!
Tarpon Release
Take a local tour with lodge host Beto
Tour the wetlands on the boardwalk
The harbor at San Felipe
Distant Thunderhead
Eating well at TCL!
Tarpon Cay Lodge is on the water
TCL Rooms
Guest Room
Rooms with an ocean front view...
Oceanside rooms
The boat landing at Tarpon Cay Lodge
Relaxing at TCL
Baby T Conservation Tour
Baby T in Wetlands
Dzilam de Bravo Eco-Tour
Largest cenote in the Mexico - Dzilam de Bravo
Inland Mangrove Tour
Cenote inhabitant
Visit the flamingo (and Tarpon!) preserve
Baby T caught at the Flamingo Lagoon
Infamous Chichen Itza
The face of Mayan history
Tarpon HeadShot
Baby Beauty... Sabalito
Columns at Chichen Itza
The lodge shuttle
Yes, this is the tropics,... so bring rain gear!
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