The freshwater Dorado is the ultimate apex predator of its domain.  The incredible ferocity, power, and stamina of this species makes it one of the most desirable pursuits on the fly.  And the destination to pursue the largest Dorado in the world is, without a doubt, the fishery below Salto Grande Dam in Uruguay.  River Plate Anglers offers an excellent program to access this incredible fishery, while staying in first class accommodations of Horacio Quiroga Resort.   FISH ON!
River Plate Dorados
Photo Gallery
Meet the Dorado...
Dorado below Salto Grande Dam
Formidable Dorado
Reviewing the Dorado fly arsenal...
In awe of a massive Dorado...
Powerful jaws...
Dorado are tough on flies
Massive Dorado on the fly...
Taking flight...
All smiles for Dorado
Horacio Quiroga Thermal Spa and Resort
Spacious guest rooms...
Thermal pool
Open bar in VIP room
Private VIP room for River Plate guests
Outdoor thermal pools
Birds-eye view of the resort
A nice average sized Dorado
Gorgeous tail markings on Dorado
Big smiles about this trophy Dorado!
Salto Grande Dam
Robust and powerful Dorado
Marsopa 21 foot center console boats
Dorado have teeth
Acrobatic Dorado
BIG fly = BIG Dorado
All smiles for striking gold!
Laying the wood on Dorado
Another trophy Dorado to the boat
Odd by-catch species called “Vieja del Agua”
Beautiful features on Dorado
Double Dorado
Massive Dorado
Highly prized by-catch species... “Boga”
Amazing gold coloration
Jumbo Dorado in the rain
Sunset Dorado
Spacious decks on River Plate boats
30 pounds of gold...
Powerful Dorado
All smiles for a double...
Dorado jump
Amazing fin colors on Dorado
Teener Dorado
Fishing at dusk
Tough Dorado
Nightshot of Salto Grande Dam
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