British Columbia Steelhead and Salmon
Nicholas Dean Lodge (Terrace, BC)
Located in the Lower Skeena region, Nicholas Dean Lodge provides fly anglers with an opportunity to access a variety of world-class rivers such as the main-stem Skeena, Copper, Kalum, Kitimat, and other lesser known “hush-hush” rivers.  Angling On The Fly is fortunate to be able to offer prime weeks during various seasons.
Classic Spring Run Steelhead
Season: mid-March thru April
Group Size: 8 anglers
Who should book this week: This is prime-time for opportunities at dime-bright spring Steelhead and summer/fall Steelhead that held over during the winter; this week is a fit for anglers who are strong casters while fishing heavy sink-tips and large swung flies; anglers may fish the Kalum, Copper, and/or other remote coastal rivers; many two-handed / spey / switch rod anglers prefer fishing this time of the season.
Pacific Salmon “Super Slam” and Summer Steelhead
Season: August thru September
Group Size: 10 anglers
Who should book this week: Anglers desiring to hook good numbers of anadromous fish; August is when the Lower Skeena experiences the absolute greatest density of migrating fish, from 5 species of Pacific Salmon to summer Steelhead; mostly single-handed fishing with sink-tips and medium sized flies; GREAT week for kids and family trips!
Prime Coho and Fall Steelhead
Season: October thru November
Group Size: 8 anglers
Who should book this week: Anglers who desire to do a variety of fishing - sight fishing to Coho, skating dries for Steelhead on the Copper, sink-tip fishing on the Skeena or Kalum, combination of single-handed rods and spey can be utilized this time of the season; dry-line to sink-tips and small to jumbo flies.